Build Environment for M68k Amiga m68k-amigaos-toolchain

This page contains precompiled cross-compilers and tools for building AmigaOS software. The tools are built with the help of the excellent build script and patch set found on by courtesy of Krystian Bacławski. By installing the toolchain you get the following:

Recent versions of GNU tools do not support the AmigaOS/M68k target at all, which is why old versions of GNU tools are used. Also, it is claimed that GCC 2.95 generates better M68k code than GCC 3.x.

Example Usage

The point of these tools is to be able to build software for the Amiga, but with compilers and tools running natively on your computer. As an example, a classic hello world program might be compiled like this:

gcc helloworld.c -o helloworld

To compile it for AmigaOS instead of your native host architecture:

m68k-amigaos-gcc helloworld.c -noixemul -o helloworld


To install on a Linux system, you can run the following commands (yes, it must be installed in /opt):

cd /tmp && wget
cd /opt && sudo tar zxf /tmp/m68k-amigaos_linux_i386.tar.gz
Remember to install the 32-bit glibc package on x86-64 systems. To make the tools easily available, you can add them to the PATH (better append to the path as you don't want cpp to shadow the system cpp), or you can simply symlink the tools your want to /usr/local/bin:
cd /usr/local/bin && sudo ln -s /opt/m68k-amigaos/bin/*m68k* .
cd /usr/local/bin && sudo ln -s /opt/m68k-amigaos/bin/v* .


Linux: m68k-amigaos_linux_i386.tar.gz - Built on Debian 7.0 i386, should work on most recent Linux distrutions (32-bit glibc must be installed on x86-64 systems).

Source code: See